Double Gates

d18_bigAs a minimum, the frames of all Jonney gates are 40mm x 10mm flat on openings from 2100 mm wide to 2500 mm wide and a height of 1200 mm. In most cases steel posts are required; most brick piers are unable to support gates and over time may crack causing sagging and miss-alignment.

Larger double gates for openings of 2500 mm and wider are manufactured with a 40 x 40 solid steel hinge stile, machined to accept a strap hinge, the bottom of this stile has a taper bearing at ground level (as standard). Sending weight directly to the base, underground automation systems offer this by nature of their design. Bottom rails are 40 x 15 flat as a minimum. Due to the weight of the gate leafs, we always use as standard, a steel post whether to be used cosmetically in conjunction with the gates, or as a first fix to be built around with bricks or other finishes. Styles of rail heads and designs are infinite; we can create a bespoke design to suit your needs.


Want a wooden gate? Jonney gates realises that people want security, not only physically but also visually. We can manufacture a steel frame with timber infills from either softwood pine or hardwood iroko. The end result is a gate with the strength of steel but the natural beauty of wood.

Protecting your new gates is a final service that Jonney Gates offers. As standard, the minimum coating process is, all steel is shot-blasted to SA2 and then polyester powder coated, this will give a minimum of 15 years maintenance free period in normal use and conditions. For total protection your new gates can be fully hot-dipped galvanized, fettled, acid etched and then polyester powder coated.