Sliding Gates

SL1_bigSome driveways slope up, some are small and so a pair of gates won’t be practical. A sliding gate offers a very good alternative. Jonney gates has installed numerous cantilevered sliding gates, these remove the need for a track to be fitted into your drive, damaging finished surfaces.
A track is also impractical where a drive has gravel. A cantilevered gate has the track fitted to the u/side of the gate and rolls on wheel sets fixed to a concrete foundation to one side of the drive way. These can cover openings of up to 12 metres for commercial premises. For security or a more architectural design.

SL2_bigWith finals and scrolls for domestic applications as the photo shows. Most sliding gates we do are automated for ease of openings.Commercial premises can benefit from sliding gates using the 4000kg capacity sliding gate motor to service openings of up to 12 metres.

All installed and commissioned by fully qualified electricians. Due to the product range, weights and widths of gates and local conditions, a full site survey/fact finding visit will be required, this is offered totally free of charge.